Britt Lees St. George Founder and Editor of The Relevance Report A Boston Blog and Photographer, Attorney, Creative Consultant

I founded the Relevance Report in the summer of 2013, just before my first year of law school. Having just graduated from Boston College, I found myself with a disproportionally large amount of free time in which I used to troll through the depths of the unforgiving, all-encompassing world of Instagram. Really, though, I had to get a bigger data plan. I have always been interested in fast-fashion trends, kept an eye on lifestyle fads, and been enamored by the history and power of something so subtle as how one dresses. I thought I had better do something about my addiction, so like any good addict unwilling to come to the light of truth, I harnessed the energy I put into scrolling and used that to build my own platform from which I would broadcast my views and perceptions of these topics, while making fashion a more accessible topic to others. I know the idea is utterly lacking in originality; that’s not the point. Here comes the sappy stuff: the point was to craft something I love into a hobby that I could witness, in a tangible way, grow through successes and failures. Thus, The Relevance Report was born.

Now, over four years, one Bar Exam, and a new job as an attorney later, I still enjoy penning my thoughts here for you. If you like what you see, follow me on Instagram @therelevancereport for more photos of fashion, lifestyle, and vegan foods (it’s not that bad, I promise). Thanks for reading.

xx Britt

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