Après-Ski with Moncler

moncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacket moncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacketmoncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacketmoncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacketmoncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacket moncler_apres_ski_puffer_jacket
Looking like a celestial alpine goddess while skiing is easier said than done. Now après-ski, however, is another story. 

Once you remove the irreparably tragic neck warmer, sewn with frozen tears and other unmentionable liquids, and shed the layers of microfiber that cling to your person like an undeserved hangover, you’re left with a pretty good canvas to work with. And, what’s even better is that all it takes is one piece to bring you from indistinguishable ski school student to the respectable, unruffled ski bunny you are at heart.

Insert Moncler

It’s never been a better time to step up your lodge attire game. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t heard about the après-ski movement (and yes, I’m going with movement), let me break it down for you: it’s the modern day version of social hour at the French royal court. And, just like Versailles, there are, naturally, tenants of post-slope etiquette. In no apparent order they are: boots off, gear outside, embrace the communal table, and dress to impress. Unlike the earlier part of your day, where chicness is apt to evade you, no matter how hard you try, après-ski is your time to shine. Shop my favorite picks from Moncler below to participate in this utterly indulgent, irredeemably bougie pastime that is quickly replacing all of your friends’ Tulum posts. 



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