New Year’s Resolutions with SLT

Read on to learn about my new workout obsession for 2018 and how you and a friend can each win a three pack to SLT’s brand new Boston location. Hello, New Year.

Fear not, this isn’t another New Year’s Resolutions post. But, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of trying new workout routines. Truly, I’ve tried just about everything in the name of health and wellness. So, when SLT, or Strengthen Lengthen Tone, opened its doors in Boston, I knew I had to give this NYC cult classic a try.


I’ve heard of Megaformers before. I’ve actually used a Megaformer before. So, those facts, in addition to a rationally held belief that I am a decently coordinated and athletic human being, provided me with an air of confidence as I settled into the carriage during my first SLT class. As the great American writer Kendrick Lamar once said, in everything one does, “be humble.” I should have taken his sage and time-honored advice. Not but three minutes into the class, in the midst of performing a kneeling arm extension, I fell. Directly on my face. Thankfully, my instructor, Amanda, discreetly laughed it off with me (really, it was a moment), giving me the gusto to continue with the class, which proved to be one of the hardest fitness classes I have ever tried.

If you thought you were good at planks, lunges, leg lifts, and squats, try performing them on a Megaformer. Because you’re engaging your core the entire time, the intensity of each exercise is amplified by, in an effort not to exaggerate, a lot. And, although the movements are super slow and targeted (read: muscles on fire), the transitions are super fast (read: no wasted time).

During an SLT class, your muscles are worked to the point of fatigue through a series of exercises that blend cardio, strength training, and Pilates, which kickstarts fat and calorie burn (up to 500 calories per class). At the end of the 50 minute class, I was unimaginably spent. But, if you’re a fitness junkie like myself, that’s the exact feeling you pursue when trying new routines. To top it off, the vibe of the class is upbeat and lively, which is something that is absolutely essential for me (and frankly, something that’s hard to find with this type of workout). I thrive on music when I’m working out, and SLT gets that. 

Suffice it to say, I have found a new go-to class for long limbs, a toned core, and, at the very least, a lesson in modesty.

Interested in trying an SLT class for yourself? Head to my Instagram to learn how you can win a three pack to SLT’s Boston location, or check out the studio for yourself at 341 Newbury Street! 

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