Chic Holiday Décor Guide

Chic modern holiday decor guide minimalist decorations

It’s that time of the year, friends! If you’re like me, you like to keep a neutral canvas in your home year round. I like to get a little festive, but, for the most part, admittedly, I am a Plane Jane. Though this year, in our very first apartment of our own, I’m breaking out of my shell a bit and getting a little funky when it comes to holiday décor.

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Military Jacket

Military Jacket Boyfriend Jeans Celine Bag Boston Blogger

On the heels of Veteran’s Day, I thought it appropriate to don my extra special and authentic (read: Madewell) military jacket. And because I feel like it is my civic duty to present to you the best sartorial choices, too, I’ve rounded up my top 15 favorite military jackets so we can all share in this patriotic moment in fashion history together.

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